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Knallhart consultations are REQUIRED before any training or boarding service. Please plan accordingly to ensure you have completed a consultation prior to when you are anticipating to begin services.

The purpose of the consultation is to give Chelsey the opportunity to assess your dog and recommend the best plan of action within the Knallhart Academy program and also allow you a face to face opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have prior to registering for services.

We also screen all boarding dogs to ensure the safety of all animals on our property.

Knallhart Private Training Sessions are one on one sessions with you and a Knallhart Academy Professional trainer. 

These sessions are flexible, they can take place at your home or in public and can cover skills from puppy obedience to behavior modification.

Board and Training is the most effective and efficient training program at Knallhart Academy. This service is customizable based on the goals YOU have for your dog.